Saturday, 13 August 2011

He's captain tomboy.

 He's captain Tomboy. The book that I've got.

by Kastytis Saromanas

by Kastytis Saromanas
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I read this wonderful book 'He's captain tomboy' by Vladas Dautartas. A lithuaninan prose writter.  I've got The Book from my best friend. It's a little-childish story in a unchildish world. But all the things seen from the main characters eyes are so (I don't know why) dangerous and dark. It's once again dealing with the wrong and right decisions (I do need to finish the project split personalities or maybe it's a project that doesn't end?).The thing is it got me inspired. I think it's the third time I created something a bit more darker. And again it duels with my inside-world. I just don't get, does the engine that starts a creative process shouldn't be conected with the project Your doing. Hm? If Your sad you should/ought to create  sad things and if happy-happy? Well. that's something to think about. Anyway, The Book has really old-fashioned lithuanian illustrator KASTYTIS SKROMANAS. It's really weired to look at his work, everything has changed so much from then.  Many illustrations he did were for kind stories in Lithuania, he never went out of Lithuanian borders, but  it was the Soviets. And it sais it all. You had to be carefull in any situation. Hm, well that's that.

p.s. Sorry I haven't written for so long. Was kind of enjoying summer. ;D

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