Saturday, 26 March 2011

Green and Pink. They don't mach. You're just mean. Go away.

While I was reading C.S. Lewis 'The magician's nephew' and having a sunny daydream, just floating around in my own world, she walks up. Not invited. Takes a zip out of the green glass. Ruins my pink world and what does she expect? Leave me alone. Don't come, But she keeps of reminding me of herself. Can I runaway? Can I resist the desire to be like her? Can I be excepted of who I am? Please, just let me dream. Please, just go way, I pray. I just want to be a better person. I pray again. close my eyes. She's gone. The new me is born.

Story of my life.

One of the days when You feel split in half.

UUuuu. Anyways, even the down sides inspire me.

See You later Jellyfishers;] love<3

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