Friday, 11 March 2011

Jellyfish Music Brain.

So, now for a couple of weeks we've (all the CSM Foundation students) been working on Our last project. Unit 7 project. And finally after hellofatime stuck in research, I finally managed to move on. I'm still experimenting with the colors. Hmm. Maybe I should explane more about my project, that's called 'Music Box'. It's more about WHERE the music is stored. So (jellyfish) Music Box, is all about where the music is stored in The musicians brain. Whaahahah;] <---- don't know why did I do the evil laugh. (?) anyways. So. From now on, everyday I'm going to create one poster. Till I have 4 really good one. Hm, good one? What is a good piece of work? Is it the idea? Or the quality? I ques both. I was inspired by a graphic designer Saul Bass. I think his work is just so amazing, BECAUSE he manages to put together simplicity and great ideas together. I love that it uses basic colors.

Quote of the day (actually 2 today):

Movie Name: Seven Pounds (2008)
Ben Thomas: The first time I ever saw a box jellyfish
I was twelve.Our father took us to the Monterey Bay 
Aquarium. I never forgotwhat he said... That it
 was the most deadly creature on earth. To
me it was just the most beautiful thing Id ever seen.

Movie Name: Daymaker (2007)
Joe: Can I, uh... can I put that wig on you?
Kira: You can put a wig on me. Sure.
Joe: Try a little somethin different here. 
[puts wig on]Oh, yeah.
Kira: Do I look like a jellyfish now?
AND I found Out that Jellyfish DO eat MEAT!!! In Your face, 
jellyfish ;DD
That's it for today. See You soon my loves. Checkcheck. 
heading home <3 

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