Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Home taping is Killing Music. Yaeh. Right.


The exhibition is hanging. Good. I'm now reading a book about music. Doing an Album
cover for a Music Band. Have loads of Music cassettes and just finished a Book
about them, Doing my project on music. Jzzz... sometimes I just miss plain old LISTENING
TO MUSIC. Organizing my playlist. Sometimes I just miss things like that. UUuuuUU. Should be sitting and doing my sketchbook, but instead I'm listenming to music and putting up a new playlist. 

Qoute of the Night:
"There are all kinds of mix tapes. there is always a reason to make one."
Rob Sheffield (Love Is a Mix Tape
"But the answer is simple. Love is a mix tape."
Rob Sheffield (Love Is a Mix Tape)
Love. Night Night. Later, Jellyfishes <3


  1. So, I see that you really liked the books I gave you (: